B&B Upholstery Furniture, Inc
B&B Upholstery Furniture, Inc

Your furniture may not need to be replaced, just a new look. We offer restyling ideas and provide new foam and support where needed to make your piece of furniture better than new.

Furniture reupholstery is the corner stone of our business. We take great pride in returning your piece of furniture back to it's original look and feel.

Once you decide to reupholster, the second decision you make if the type of fabric you would like for your new furniture.

Visit our shop to see our selection of over 10,000 options.

We work with you to explaining the differences in types and quality of fabrics.

Once your fabric is selected, B&B Upholstery Interior offers free pick-up and delivery service, so we come get your furniture!

Once here at B&B Upholstery Interior, all work is done right here, we don't ship out our work, it's completed right here with quality craftsmen.
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7200 D Telegraph Square Dr. Unit D

Lorton, 22079

Phone:  703-339-7765

E-mail: bnbkim@yahoo.com